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Art.No. Weight. Size Qty/Ctn Meas.
LSFYLG16X 1.7kg 16CM\2.1 L 12 82*37*63.5
LSFYLG18X 2.06kg 18CM\3.2 L 8 86*43.5*45.5
LSFYLG20X 2.5kg 20CM\4.2 L 8 88*45*50.5
LSFYLG22X 2.9kg 22CM\5.5 L 6 69*41.5*54.5
LSFYLG24X 3.4kg 24CM\7.0 L 6 73*44*58.5
LSFYLG26X 3.95kg 26CM\9.0 L 6 78*51*63
LSFYLG28X 4.6kg 28CM\11.0L 6 81.5*47*68.5
LSFYLG30X 5.2kg 30CM\13.0 4 60*51.5*72.5
LSFYLG32X 5.6kg 32CM\16.0L 4 64*51.5*78.5


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