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Longfa Stainless Steel Tableware, Ltd. is located in Yiwu, China, famous for its international mall. Founded in 1993 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, more than 100 employees, it is a collection product development, production and sales of integrated and specialized industrial company, and brings together national counterparts known manufacturers of quality products.

The main business scope for the stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils and hotel supplies, sales center in addition to the International Trade City II on the 33rd floor of the central hall on the fourth floor with more than 600 square exhibition hall, shopping in Yiwu International Trade City Travel Goods Centre, 329 and two F, 3rd Floor, 16545 commercial spaces are also a professional showroom. Products sleek, exquisite workmanship, reliable quality, with high quality and perfect service, complete specifications on 10,000 varieties, won the majority of consumers of the same trust and praise.

By the end of 2011, the company has spent a lot of incorporation Ltd. Yiwu Long family, "Long hair gift family" to become the most authoritative gift solution to organizations, one of the most professional business gifts operators. The company has excellent operational management, design and marketing gifts program development team. For the community to provide comprehensive, one-stop gift service, the company has become China Mobile, China Telecom and local government designated supplier of gifts, gifts become the industry's premier gift operators.